Floaters & Boules

Generations after generations have been using “boules”, typically known as “Urli”, filled with water and topped with flowers & leaves to beautify their homes. In modern world, they are called as “floaters”.

We have gone a step further by introducing many more designs in this segment. They are traditional as well as contemporary. In each design, advantage of different sizes is also available to meet your space requirement as well as budget.

The real beauty of this article is that it gives you an opportunity to use your creativity to make your own designs every alternate day or so by using different patterns of flowers, leaves & petals. You can also use the tea lights to further enhance the beauty of your home.

The “Vastu-Shashtra” also recognises the importance of floaters. It is considered as auspicious to keep floaters in the North-East corner of the home. But that’s not all, it also adds beauty to your home.

Big size floaters are ideal for use in the corner of a living room. They can also be used in exterior spaces of your home such as garden & terrace.

Small size floaters are best for use in Dev-Ghar or on dining table of your home. They are also best choice for enhancing the beauty of dining table at restaurants, as well as work-table in your office.