About Us

At Artsy Gallery we believe in adding a great value & elegance to your most beloved & precious possession i.e. your home & workplace, and this we do by providing the handcrafted artefacts / articles.

In the process, we are also trying to keep alive the rich tradition of Indian Artisan / Handicrafts. With the advent of mechanisation, the human labour is becoming obsolete. And if the technology continues to spread it’s wings in all the domains of life, what will happen to our legendary craftsmanship, for which India is well known worldwide for centuries..?

You must have experienced this.. You may be sometimes buying fast food or packaged food in order to save the time, but does it ever match the taste of food made by our mother or wife? Usually not.. It is simply because the food cooked at home comes with the blend of love. Same thing applies to artefacts, those articles handcrafted by artists will always have a different touch of connection, class & elegance.

We are providing a platform for Indian craftsmen & artists, who put in their creative minds & hard labour to create marvellous pieces of artefacts. When you buy the articles made by them, you are actually helping them to earn their livelihood. Most importantly, together we are keeping alive our rich tradition of art & craftsmanship.

Artsy Gallery has been promoted by Mr. Milind Dusane, an artist by heart, but an industrialist by profession. A Mechanical Engineer by qualification, he served industry for more than 30 years as a well-known Sales person, as well as a respected businessman. But his craving for Art was not allowing him to keep quite, the hidden artist in him was knocking the doors of heart ceaselessly. His recent tour to the interior parts of India gave him the much needed insight & boost. He was impressed by the craftsmanship of Indian artists, saw their hard-work & inner urge to give the best. It was here that Mr. Milind Dusane decided to take a plunge and reestablish his lost connection with the art.

The result is in front of you in the form of Artsy Gallery, where you can see an excellent blend of art homogenised with professionalism.

Our core business is to provide Handcrafted Articles made from Natural Stone for Home & Workplace Décor.

The articles are carved out to meet the unique taste of discerning buyers, who are on the look out for something truly special, something which will add value to their living experience, at the same time will take them close to the Nature.

Our articles have received admiration & appreciation from the Architects & Interior Designers.

We believe in the concept of “value for money”, thus articles are made available at a reasonable price, yet they offer great value for customers.

Do visit us to experience the Beauty & Grace, and also Bliss & Peace.


We offer our clients a unique collection of Home Decor and Gift Items, which are the perfect Gift Items for near and dear ones. These Gift Items are intricately designed and developed by our experts